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Explore Our Expanded Koa Collection

Headlined by two exceptional new koa models in the 700 Series, Taylor’s lineup of Hawaiian koa acoustic guitars has never been more enticing.

Meet the New Hawaiian Koa 700 Series

Beautifully grained sets of Hawaiian koa inspired us to offer players a whole new koa experience — in look, feel and sound. Barely-there finish allows you to feel the warm wood texture and enhances the acoustic resonance. Powered by a new V-Class voicing recipe, koa’s sweet midrange sings out more vividly, and with a punchier response, than ever before. Choose from the Grand Auditorium 724ce and Grand Concert 722ce.

The Guitars

All About Hawaiian Koa

Koa’s seductive charms are legendary. You’ll find an array of koa model options across the Taylor line, boasting a broad range of body styles, voicings, features and appointments.

Taylor’s Commitment to Koa Forest Restoration

Together with other partners in Hawaii, we’re working on forest stewardship projects to restore the health of native Hawaiian forests. We’re also growing koa trees that will one day supply beautiful guitar-grade wood for generations to come.

All-Solid Koa Guitars

Solid tonewoods generate the most complex and most character-rich acoustic sound. Over time and with extended playing, the tone of guitars made with solid woods tends to grow more resonant.

Solid / Layered Koa Guitars

Each of these models features a solid-wood top with layered koa back and sides. These deliver rich, bold sound in a package that’s more affordably priced for new learners and everyday guitar players while still showcasing koa’s striking visual appeal.

Hawaiian Koa for Your Home

Koa’s density, durability and visual beauty make it a great material for other uses, such as our guitar wall hangers and kitchenware from our sister company, Stella Falone.

Where To Find The Koa Collection