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Low Humidity Alert

The acceptable range for humidity is 40-60%. If you receive this alert, your guitar has been exposed to low humidity, below 40%, for at least 72 hours. Some symptoms of a dry guitar are sharp fret ends, low action with buzzing on the higher frets, and a thinner, brighter tone. (Please note: Low action alone may be a sign that the guitar just needs a truss rod adjustment or setup. Look for multiple symptoms when diagnosing humidity issues.)

What to Do

Use the D'Addario Two-Way Humidification System to bring the humidity back to an acceptable level. The three packets included in the kit go inside the case with the guitar and will release the amount of moisture the guitar needs to get to 47%. Give it three days to see any change at all and a few weeks to get the guitar up to 47%. If there is no change within 10 days, we suggest using a more aggressive humidifier. See "Diagnosing & Fixing an Extremely Dry Guitar."

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